Emotional Progress on Thanksgiving Day: Simple Steps for Making the Most ... 
even if you don’t feel like it                Applies to Christmas & Other Holidays Too

November 24, 2016

Those in need of emotional recovery may feel lonely, sad or otherwise down on 
Thanksgiving Day. And may feel they have little or nothing for which to feel thankful.

If you are such a person, nothing could be further from the truth. 

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Emotional Power in Emotional Recovery

November 2016

What one thing determines the quality of a person's life more than anything else? According to one of the world's top experts: Emotions -- including what we feel and the ability to determine and direct what we feel at any given time.

The “Emotional Recovery Clearinghouse” has been created to provide a range of resources for emotional recovery, restoring emotional well-being, and creating emotional resilience.

The external environment, including the particular circumstances of an individual's life, may be good or bad. Either way, humans have the power to make the experience of those circumstances good, better, bad, or worse.   Click to continue ...


Emotional Recovery